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What Can An ADHD Treatment Specialist Do For You?

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Getting treatment for your ADHD can help you minimize symptoms that interfere with your life. People with properly managed ADHD can be effective at work and enjoy activities with fewer distractions. The first step to receiving proper treatment is seeing a specialist. Here are some of the things an ADHD treatment specialist can do for you:

1. Evaluate you for ADHD.

For many people, getting an ADHD diagnosis takes time. Adults who were not diagnosed as children may have no idea that they struggle with ADHD, instead assuming that everyone faces the same challenges that they do. If you notice that the symptoms of ADHD describe your situation, speaking to an ADHD treatment specialist is a great place to begin your treatment journey. You may be asked to fill out an evaluation form to aid your specialist in reaching a diagnosis.

2. Create a doctor's note.

Some people with ADHD can benefit from accommodations made at school or work. A doctor's note can give you the documentation you need to request accommodations for your learning disability. Fortunately, an ADHD treatment specialist can write a letter to your work or school detailing the specifics of your condition. Mental health specialists are bound by doctor-patient confidentiality, so you will need to give your written or verbal consent for this.

3. Provide ADHD-specific counseling.

People with ADHD can benefit from counseling. Unlike more generalized forms of therapy, ADHD counseling is specifically designed to help people with ADHD cope with the challenges that come with their condition. People with ADHD can learn how to use tools to enable them to focus. Creating calendar reminders, setting alarms, and using timers can help people with ADHD stay on task and arrive at appointments on time. ADHD counseling can also help people cope with the psychological challenges that come with an ADHD diagnosis. Managing the emotions that can arise from the frustration of ADHD can help people build up their self-esteem.

4. Prescribe medication for ADHD.

Certain medications can help people with ADHD focus. The medications used for this purpose are often stimulants. However, instead of making people with ADHD more hyperactive, stimulants tend to have the opposite effect, allowing people to calm down and focus. ADHD medication comes in fast-acting and delayed-release formulas. The type of medication that is right for you will depend on your symptoms. Delayed-release ADHD medication may have less potential for abuse, so some doctors prefer it.

For more information on ADHD, contact an ADHD treatment specialist near you.