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5 Reasons You Should Consider Open Adoption

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Every year, about 135,000 children are adopted in the United States. Today, most people are considering open adoption whereby the birth parents and adoptive parents are both involved with the child's life. In other words, there is open communication and contact between the biological and adoptive parents and between the child and their birth parents. It is considered an effective way to provide for children who need both sets of nurturing in their lives.

Here are five reasons you should consider an open adoption arrangement for your child:

1. The Adopted Child Has the Chance to Learn About Their Medical History

Family medical history is an important part of a child's identity and is frequently used by doctors when diagnosing a condition in a patient. If a biological family member is suffering from a disease or ailment, family history can help doctors predict the likelihood of the adopted child developing the same problem.

2. It Helps The Child Understand Their Story

Most children want to know who they are and where they come from. They may hear the term "birthmother" at school and not understand what it means. With open adoption services, children can meet their birthmother when ready to do so in a safe environment.

3. It Encourages A Continued Relationship with The Child

The birthmother's decision to choose open adoption services means they want to play an active role in the child's life. With open adoption services, your contact can be tailored specifically for you and your child, whether it is sharing photos only every few years or having regular updates about school and other milestones in the child's life.

4. It Enables A Discussion About Adoption

Adoption can be a sensitive and emotional issue for everyone involved. However, open adoption services make it easier to talk openly about placing a child for adoption and staying in touch with each other afterward. Although every family will decide what type of contact is best for them, open adoption services can make it easier for both the biological and adoptive parents to share updates with each other over the years.

5. It Gives A Sense of Relief to Adoptive Parents

Open adoption gives a sense of relief to adoptive parents, knowing they have a support system when raising their child. The benefit is twofold: they know if something comes up regarding their adopted child, there's someone they can contact, and the knowledge that they aren't alone when it comes to raising their child.


Open adoption can be a great way to achieve the dream of parenthood while still providing your child with loving connections and stability. If you are considering placing your child for adoption or becoming an adoptive parent, you should explore open adoption as one possibility.