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Are You And Your Spouse Working Opposite Shifts? 3 Tips To Maintain A Close Marriage

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Couples today are often pursuing careers such as nursing that require them to work overnight or even multi-day shifts. While working opposite shifts may provide perks such as allowing your child to stay home with both of you, there are also a few downsides. When you barely see your spouse, it is easy for minor conflicts to get blown out of proportion or for you to lose sight of what made you fall in love. Conflicts over the division of household chores are also common when only one of you is awake during the day. These three tips will help you keep the squabbles down and increase your happiness as a couple, even when you only have a few minutes together reach week.

Maximize Your Time Together

Most likely, there are a few days where your schedules align in a way that allows you to actually see each other for more than a few minutes. While you may both be tired, try not to spend those days rushing around to get things done or zoning out while watching TV. Instead, plan to do activities together that increase your bond. For instance, you can go to couples counseling to find ways to increase communication and work out your differences. Even having a meal out together can help you get more out of those precious moments when you get to spend time without one of you rushing off to work.

Plan Special Surprises

When you have so much time alone, it is fun to plan things that will make your spouse smile. Try hiding little love notes around the house, or you could buy them a small gift such as their favorite candy and put it somewhere for them to find when they get home. You can also tackle chores that they normally do so that they have more free time. These gestures help to increase positivity that will make it more fun to spend time together when you get the chance.

Never Let Issues Fester

Many couples find it hard to work through conflicts when they don't see each other often. While it may be tempting to let things slide rather than talk about them, the truth is that this only causes things to get worse. If necessary, make arrangements to attend couples therapy together so that you can work through issues that are caused by the stress of working opposite shifts.

While you may not be able to spend every waking moment together, you can preserve your marriage with a little extra effort. Focusing on making your time together more meaningful and being willing to talk through your differences allows you both to keep that spark that helps your marriage thrive. For more information, reach out to a therapist who offers couples counseling.