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Think You're A Functional Alcoholic? Think Again

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Many alcoholics who haven't yet hit their rock bottom label themselves as "functional." They believe that because nothing dramatically bad has happened to them as a result of their addiction, they're handling things just fine. While it's true that some alcoholics can certainly go months or even years without major alcohol-related catastrophes, the reality is that their addiction can often catch up to them. If you consider yourself to be a functional alcoholic, it's time to reconsider that label and, instead, plan to visit a treatment center for help. Here are some parts of your life that may seem functional, but could take a turn quickly unless you get clean.

Family Life

Lots of alcoholics will look at their family life, deem it to be fairly stable, and then decide that their drinking isn't hurting anyone. While it might be convenient to adopt this belief, the truth may be different than what you see. For example, your spouse may be at his or her wit's end about your drinking, and could soon choose to leave you. Or, your children may be so used to your drinking that they begin to experiment with alcohol at a young age, en route to becoming alcoholics themselves.

Work Life

The term "functional alcoholic" is often present in the world of work. Someone may be able to successfully get through his or her day-to-day career, and even excel, despite abusing alcohol — sometimes, even at work. You may label yourself as a functioning alcoholic in relation to your career, but things could soon catch up to you. For example, your boss may see your work beginning to slide, even if you don't realize it. Or, you could smell like alcohol while meeting with a client, and he or she may report this issue to your manager.

Driving Life

"Functioning" alcoholics may often drive under the influence of alcohol or may even drink while driving. Often, they'll feel that because they haven't had any accidents or been caught by the police, there's no motivation to curb this behavior. However, things can change in an instant. You could lose control of your vehicle and cause an accident that hurts or kills someone. Or, you could get caught in a random inspection roadblock and lose your license because you're intoxicated. There are plenty of bad things that can arise, even if you feel that you're a functional alcoholic. If you can get help at a treatment center, the likelihood of these problems is lessened.

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