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How To Divorce When You'Re Still In Love

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Every marriage is built on love and respect. However, due to various complicated difficulties in life, the marriage is corroded by miscommunication or lack of communication until love and respect are replaced by hate and even disgust. The seemingly long and winding road of a dysfunctional marriage is approaching one destination: divorce.

But then again, not all divorce happens without love. After all, love is the most enduring emotion. It can last a lifetime even though respect, compassion, understanding, and commitment are gone. You can be bombarded by infidelity, dishonesty, and other bad habits, and still be in love with your spouse. Even with chronic anxiety and depression, you can still love this person. It does not really defy logic to advise a couple to file for divorce even if there's still love between them.

Yet, when at least one party is still in love, the divorce process becomes even more difficult. Here's how to divorce when you're still in love:

Divorce attorney

There are various things you need to protect amidst your problematic marriage such as your home, assets, finances, properties, or a business. However, when you're in love, you become vulnerable and self-denying while the other party may be aggressive and self-protective. Everything does not need to go with your lost marriage. Your divorce attorney can help you throughout the divorce process. Cooperate with them as they try to help you minimize the damages caused by divorce in other areas of your life such as finances, business, and wealth. Seek help from a divorce attorney who you can trust and depend on in protecting your financial well-being.

See a Psychologist

Aside from your divorce attorney, a psychologist can also help you to divorce when you're still in love. Divorce, especially when you're still in love, is physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually taxing. Seek professional help and undergo a therapy to protect your personal well-being.


Most importantly, you need your family and friends when undergoing this painful experience. Spend more time with them and feel loved. Only one person goes out of your life. You don't need to shut everybody out. Seek more time with your family and friends to enhance your social life.

Love is powerful and victorious. It does not bring you down in this difficult experience. As a popular song goes, "Learning to love yourself; it is the greatest love of all." Love yourself first and you can successfully divorce even when you're still in love.