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Repair Your Marriage If You Have Recently Been Arguing With Your Spouse Over Finances

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If you and your spouse have been arguing over the amount owed for household bills and have been spending more time apart than together, you may believe that your marriage is on the verge of being destroyed and feel as if you are a burden to your partner. Instead of throwing in the towel and growing further apart from your mate, try the following tactics to repair your marriage and overcome the obstacles that have been weighing both of you down.

Seek Advice From A Marriage Counselor

Meet with a marriage counselor to discuss the current status of your marriage. During your initial meeting, do not hold back your emotions or try to sugarcoat the situation that you have been dealing with. Instead, release pent up frustration and sadness and describe in detail how your marriage got to the state that it is in. The counselor will not judge you for any wrongdoing that you may have been a part of and will listen intently to each statement that you make.

At the end of your session, the counselor may offer some insight concerning your situation that will help buffer ill feelings that you and your spouse have been feeling for one another. They will likely want to speak to your spouse in the near future. If your partner is willing, they can schedule an appointment that coincides with your next session so that both of you will be able to voice concerns in a safe and supportive environment.

Consider Debt Consolidation Or Payment Plans

If you and your partner have several credit cards and managed to rack up a lot of debt, due to charging household goods or obtaining cash advances, consider consolidating debt that was incurred. A debt relief agency can assist with combining the amounts owed so that you and your partner are only obligated to make one payment each month. A debt specialist may even be able to help reduce interest rates so that you save money.

If you have standard bills that have skyrocketed recently, call the companies that you owe and speak to a supervisor at each location about the bills and inquire about setting up payment plans that will allow you and your significant other to make small monthly payments until the bills are satisfied.

Spend Quality Time Together Each Week

Set aside one day each week that you and your partner can spend quality time together. Sit down with your spouse to discuss avoiding conversations about bills or daily responsibilities during each special occasion that you both plan. Choose activities that both of you enjoy and try to speak about pleasant things when you are with your partner. Consider visiting a public venue that you both used to frequent in the past or choose an activity that neither of you have participated in before, but are both interested in. 

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